Free Money Matters Check-Up Seminar Jan. 18 - Budgets and more!

Date: December 28, 2016, 3:35 pm

Tags: budget , family finances , money matters , seminar

The following is a post by Dan Bryant, CCCU Financial Services Officer

The snow is falling and I find myself thinking about how another year has come and gone. My children have grown and along with that, and so has my grocery bill! From outgrown clothes, sports/activity fees, and my ever-increasing coffee intake, it's as if I held my wallet open during Blizzard Alivia and watched my money disappear into the wind! The New Year is quickly approaching and the ideas for new year's resolutions are flowing. My resolution this year will be to create a realistic budget for my family to have a less stressful 2017, at least financially - kids are a different story! At Citizens, we want you to join us for the same resolution - and we'll help you stick to it!

Budgets are for absolutely everyone, not just families. Between rising healthcare costs, each new cellphone upgrade costing more than the previous, and the financial emergencies that tend to appear at the worst moment possible, a budget can help relieve the stress of many daily issues. Budgets serve several purposes: controlling spending habits, savings for long and short term goals, and over all better money management. For my family, we have three main areas built into our month budget. Fixed expenses are items that are reoccurring each month and are necessary for our family, such as our mortgage, utilities and car payments. Variable expenses can vary from month to month in our budget such as gas, groceries and fees related to our children's activities. Lastly, we have a small portion of our budget dedicated to entertainment, with three kids and four jobs between my wife and I, setting some money aside to enjoy a dinner date or family outing is extremely important to us.

To help you accomplish your (and my!) goal of a money smart 2017, Citizens Community Credit Union will be hosting financial literacy events each month starting in January! First topic will be "Money Matter Check-Up" where we will discuss budgeting and how to gain control of your finances to accomplish a wide range of financial goals for a successful start to the New Year! I hope to see you there and can't wait to meet you in person! Please call us for more details and to RSVP for our January 18th sessions at 6:00 PM at both our Grand Forks 32nd and EGF locations!